CNC Lathes

cnc machineryUsing advanced technology to meet your diverse needs, CNC lathes from Tipton Machinery are accurate and simple to use. Making cutting and drilling easier than ever before, these machines come in many sizes and can be used to cut wood, metal or plastic.

Features of our CNC lathes

Whether you need a 2-axis or multi-axis machine, CNC lathes are intelligently built and designed for precision. There are many advantages to using lathes, including:
– Increased accuracy over manual models
– Minimal waste production
– Increased speed when manufacturing pieces, compared to manual operations.
… and more
Choose from a variety of bore sizes, bed lengths and optional features.

Why choose Tipton Machinery for your machining solutions?

As your machine tool distributor, Tipton maintains a large inventory of options and is committed to finding you the machining solution that will keep you up and running. Our machines tools cover a wide field of applications and are available in various configurations and brands to meet even your most specific requirements.
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